The Geek Art/Green Innovators or GA/GI pronounced (GAH-gee) Festival began in 2010 as a key event of World Environment with numerous partner and supporters, who were willing to give a first time event a second look. Produced by Passports Art Diversity Project,  GA/GI was organized as celebration of the creative spirit that binds the eco, art and technology industries. In order to encourage collaboration, GA/GI selects projects that are often newly formed or in-progress to allow its participants to showcase or test market their product or program. This along with the inclusion of more advanced organizations and projects, allows for an event that features the "best of all possible worlds."

Nurtured in community settings ( Bloomfield,Garfield, Highland Park and East Liberty) and with support of several east end universities and numerous businesses in the Pittsburgh region, GA/GI was and continues to be the only event of its kind in the city of Pittsburgh. GA/GI Festival is produced in association with the "Unblurred" art crawl and Penn Avenue Arts Initiative.
GA/GI 2010 blog
GA/GI 2011 blog
Special Thanks to our founding Partners of 2010
The Bloomfield Garfield Corporation
Friendship Development Associates
The Pittsburgh Glass Center
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Union Project
Art Energy Design
The Pittsburgh Technology Center
Bill Peduto, City Council
Open Door Arts
Dr. Owen Cantor
Urban Tree Forge
University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon
Gluceau Vitamin Water
The Hill House Association
Turner's Dairy