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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Solar and wind-powered public art by David Edwards

Sure you can expect the usual great art, exhibits, music and eating choices during GA/GI Fest, but can you walk the walk? In addition to the indoor buzz, you can stroll down the Penn Arts District and make the best of  the 60-degree (they predict-we pray) weather. Check out the map (right column) for our listing of Green and Screen Public art including Dave Edwards "Equal Equation" next door to Awesome Books at
5111 Penn.

And don't miss GA/GI window installations. Like the one especially created for GA/GI by Smithsonian fellow, Rich Pell at 4913 Penn, The Center for Post-Natural History.

Wojdylak's 2011 installation...what's next?
Another work to be appreciated from the sidewalk...Wojdylak’s “Untitled,” a reclaimed materials and digital photography installation recounting the 6-month journey of a mysterious & rare illness. Sarah wowed GA/GI-goers last year with her window world of mini terrariums. See the newest window view starting Friday at 5013 Penn Avenue.

Monday, April 2, 2012


The Pittsburgh Glass Center's tech apprentice program has brought nearly 25 young artists to live and work in the city over the last seven years. The exhibition, "Aspire: A Retrospective of Young Talent" will showcase their artwork and tell the story of where they are now. Artists include:Jess Amarnek, Jason Bauer, Jon Capps, Zach Compton, Brian Engel, Daneal Ferraro Hansel, Kaley Finegan, Jason Forck, Elizabeth Fortunato, Jarrod Futscher, Billy Guilford, William Haynes, Everett Hirche, Chris Hofmann, Laura Konopinski, Janice Larko, Ashley McFarland, Scott Percival, Liz Potenza, Suzie Ririe, Travis Rohrbaugh and Becky Smith. Exhibit during now and through May 20.

One of the Glass Center's special guests for GA/GI Festival on April 6...

POWER FLOWER & LIQUID LIGHT: The 12' tall solar and wind energy harnessing sculpture Power Flower from Art Energy Design will be outside the Glass Center. This year the flower will be powering an internally lighted stream of water in an exhibition called Liquid Light. Water is transformed into a crystal clear state called "Laminar Flow" and has the ability carry and bend light, much like a fiber optic cable. GA/GI goers can get some fun hands-on playtime and make a splash that will not be forgotten. Thunderbolts of lighting! See the video in our right column.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

GA/GI Details: Green Fire, Haute(r) Fashion

This fire is lit and fed by stories shared. Come down to BFG Cafe(Big Fat Greek), at 5335 Penn Avenue and take part in our Unofficial Show and Tel l(Meet and Greet), Open Jam, and Interactive Story-Sharing Circle. Bring your music, acting, poetry, stories and- if nothing else- bring yourself!

Tentative Story-line for Gathering(Could be longer or shorter)
2-3 pm: Unofficial Show and Tell( Connections and Conversation Time)
3-4 pm: Open Story Jam (Improb Collaboration)
4-5 pm: Story-Sharing Circle(Main Event)

We encourage you to share stories that are related to the environment, but are open to all subjects that uplift.
Click to join us on FB!

Handbag by Douglas

Fashionation: March of the Fashionists @ Pittsburgh Glass Center is GA/GI's way of showcasing eco, reimagined and vintage looks from unique fashion designers from Pittsburgh and beyond! A newcomer from Philadelphia is artist Joanne Douglas with an upcycled handbag collection--Feonixe. Feonixe is a movement in modern material culture. Each piece is one-of-a kind and custom made by upcycling fabrics and materials, encouraging us all to, live, shop, design on purpose," Returning fashionistas include the Neighborhood Academy and LaVerne Kemp who wowed the audience with her stylized bee-keeper hat
Charm necklace by Kemp
and jewelry from only the best recycled (and fabulous!) parts, bits and pieces.

Matchbook pins by Kemp

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GA/GI Details: Modernformations, Modern Furniture, Mirrors and Scribbles

@ Unblurred on Friday, April 6,  Modernformations Gallery, 4919 Penn, has “Eyes Right: New Mixed Media Work.” Tate Hudson displays collage composed of salvaged wood, discarded images, paper, and paint. This exhibit will be on display through May 18th.

Modern, a store  located at 5450 Penn, is a new kid on the Penn arts district block! They'll feature mid century furniture for sale 6-10pm.

Mr. Roboto Project , 5106 Penn Avenue exhibits
Mirrors and Scribbles, new canvas and paper by Jim Storch.


GA/GI Details: Tattooed Water Color Couple and Science On Wheels

Art by Cara Cable

Drop by Artisan, 5001 Penn Ave, a coffee, tattoo
and art emporium who has water color paintings
by husband and wife tattooists Jason Lambert and
Cara Cable. More of  their work here.

Also coming to GA/GI... a return engagement by the Pitt Mobile Science Lab. 80 feet of laboratory space that many kids have seen, but parents haven't. Go, learn, grow and you'll be splitting atoms in no time! You can't miss it parked at the corner of Penn and S. Pacific Avenue Great family project from 6 to 9 pm.

Kelly-Strayhorn's performance Alloy, Catapult-ing Art to a New Level!

Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Alloy Studios @ 5530 Penn has a “living exhibit” called Inside Steelpan, a dynamic exploration into the art of steelpan construction, history, and playing techniques with Phil Solomon and Mat Doktor.
Catapult (a new Penn Avenue venue!) located at 5139 Penn will feature new mixed media collages and drawings by Laurie Trok. The space usually acts as a drink, interact and work spot. See here.
A Trok collage in progress from FB

Friday, March 23, 2012


The Pittsburgh Glass Center's tech apprentice program has brought nearly 25 young artists to live and work in Pittsburgh over the last seven years. This exhibition, Aspire: A Retrospective of Young Talent will showcase their artwork and tell the story of where they are now. Artists include: Jess Amarnek, Jason Bauer, Jon Capps, Zach Compton, Brian Engel, Daneal Ferraro Hansel, Kaley Finegan, Jason Forck, Elizabeth Fortunato, Jarrod Futscher, Billy Guilford, William Haynes, Everett Hirche, Chris Hofmann, Laura Konopinski, Janice Larko, Ashley McFarland, Scott Percival, Liz Potenza, Suzie Ririe, Travis Rohrbaugh and Becky Smith.  Exhibit open from 10am-9 pm.

Also...Hot Jam! Glass demos with music and artists at work in PGC's studios from 6pm-9pm.

And PGC's special guests: FASHIONATION: March of the Fashionistas. All those great designers and eco divas you've clamored for on the runway the last two years (seen in the first two videos above) will be available in an informal gathering for you to chat with, purchase their clothing, or enjoy their live mannequins as they mix and mingle face to face with the festival crowd. Directed by GA/GI Stylist, Kristin Barker and her fashion assistant, Eric Abraham. 6pm-9pm.

The Group Against Smog & Pollution (GASP), who just moved to  5135 Penn Avenue, will be projecting recently-discovered cartoons and a short film that their nonprofit made 40 years ago. GASP has a long history of fighting for cleaner air in the region. Meet the staff at their new Penn Ave. digs. 6-10 pm.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Details: Optimus Eco Fuelus-Robotus, Workman Swaggers w/ Zwigel

Optimus Technologies @ 4820 Penn Avenue designs and manufactures fuel system retrofits that enable and optimize the performance of cleaner burning fuels in traditional engines. Their Vector system is a bolt-on, modular diesel-to-biofuel conversion system built for commercial and industrial users. The Vector is capable of operating with a variety of biofuels including vegetable oils and all blends of biodiesel. Their system for renewable fuels also has many advantages over traditional petroleum diesel.  The fuels are produced locally and are renewable and sustainable. Other benefits include: Offering significant operating cost reductions; satisfying impending federal and sate requirements and reducing emissions to meet increasingly stringent air quality requirements.

A bot by Jones
For GA/GI night on April 6th, they'll be hosting artist Donald Jones, whose builds robots and "bit" bots out of salvage materials. for more on Jones, click here.

 Darrell Sarka Workman. (Betcha can't say it fast 3x in a row.) He's the guy whose art brings a whole new meaning to the word "collage." Starting from the canvas bases he embellishes with hundreds of hand cut pieces from very specific newspapers and magazines, Workman's work is inspiring. He goes on to outline and layer the surfaces in bold primary color and black paints creating post modern portraiture, or what he calls "organic/synthetic" collages. He's also showcasing art by friend Autumn Zwigel during his GA/GI Fest exhibition and building an installation out of TV's turned into oscilloscopes. See this amazing display at 5116 Penn Avenue on Friday, April 6th.  DONT MISS THE NEXT GAGI "DETAIL"...SUBSCRIBE!
Confusion by Workman

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GA/GI Details: Puppets, Pottery, Paper and Mini P Shake Monster UP

With giant cartoon squid tentacles unfolding over the newly renovated Union Project building, the flyer for the UP's Monster Open House event (or flier for some of you), is as eye-catching as the eye lashed eye balls that peer out from the illustration. The "monster" event begins at 9:30 am on Saturday, April 7 @ 801 N. Negley Avenue with coffee, breakfast and a community clean-up. From Noon until 6 pm the day is filled with family activities that shake, rattle and roll. For instance: Kids play giant puppet dress-up with artist/performer Cheryl Capezutti ; enjoy a multi-generational ceramics showcase; treat the whole family to zumba and yoga samplers and there's a Monster fashion show with Into the Mirror Productions. Also on the scene are friends from GA/GI Festival: Paper maker Katy DeMent, a resident artist on loan from the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, will help you create your own handmade paper bookmark using natural materials, recyclables, and embellishments inspired by the tech world. Plus visit David Edwards, his mini Power Flower and his way cool techno bugs from Art Energy Design.


Friday, March 16, 2012

GA/GI Details:Artists Swiech and Kirkwood have the EDGE, Professor Lysak is Most Wanted

Kirlian 3 by Gordon Kirkwood
Anne Chen, one of the principals at EDGE Studio, 5411 Penn Avenue, was immediately enthusiastic about working with both L.J. Swiech and Gordon Kirkwood to exhibit in their space "They're a wonderful, artistic fit for being hosted by our architectural firm."

Kirkwood's work is a series of photographs taken of high voltage lightning bolts interacting with water, and high voltage Kirlian photographs of everyday objects.

L. J. Swiech paints with "robots." He creates high-impact, digital prints that practically smack you in the face, often with stunningly, brilliant color. Also noted for sculptures, Swiech keeps it real, working with a variety of salvaged 2D and 3D objects.

Breaking Ties by Swiech

John Lysak, is an international known master print maker. Since 1995, he has been an Associate Professor and head of the Art Department Graduate Program at Edinboro University. He primarily does work on paper, creating narrative iconography, abstract imagery, using many symbols to suggest a layering of content. Much of his work is created over time with unique impressions, and with his own brand of print making techniques. He and his art collaborators will be hosted by Jason Sauer, owner of  Most Wanted Fine Art, 5015 Penn Avenue.
A relief by Lysak


GA/GI Details: Spring Swings @ Tee Rex; Assemble Goes Post-Digital; Irma Freeman Takes a Ryder and Trenney

With digital looking flowers as their event logo, Tee Rex located @ 5440 Penn Avenue is already off to a great GA/GI start with Spring Swing. Their evening line-up includes recycled glass artist, Elizabeth Klevens, E-2 and Franktuary serving up tasking bites, and sales proceeds for the evening going to our old tech buddies, Hack Pittsburgh (who along with Tree Pittsburgh), inspired us to begin this illuminating eco/tech/art event in the first place.

So take advantage of the sale on Cotton Factory's 2011, hand-printed Tees by local designers "irrationally affordable" at only $10. Or or just $5, choose from selected transfers and watch 'em get pressed on T-shirts "right before your eyes." You can let Tee Rex know your coming on FB. Click here

Assemble, located @ 5125 Penn Avenue has one hell of a moniker for their incredible GA/GI exhibit: Post-Digital Explorations: Material Inconsistency--but no worries they go on to explain:
"As both pre-digital modes of architectural thought and the interest in purely form driven digital novelty wane, architecture is moving into a post-digital condition in which it is forced to reconsider aspects of itself that have typically been regarded as constants. One such characteristic is the seemingly indispensable condition of permanence that permeates the discipline from initial concept through to historical preservation. This series of design experiments explores the possibility of an architecture that lacks permanence and stability - constructs that attempt to move beyond typical notions of kineticism and flux, and into a realm that is fleeting and provisional."
Whew! Meet the man, Benjamin Rice, visiting professor from Virginia Tech and see his work during GA/GI on April 6...check out the FB event page by clicking here.

Always willing to go way, way outside the box, The Irma Freeman Center located @ 5006 Penn Avenue boldly goes GA/GI with artist Ryder Henry, model spaceship builder extraordinaire. Not only does he make spaceships you wish you could ride in, but Ryder's even built a city out of cardboard packaging material, elmers glue, sawdust, a little paint, some twigs and the fake greenery. The worlds this guy can create out of almost nothing are amzaing. And, let's not forget "Bionic Beings" wonder woman Suzanne Trenney. Now, top that all off with projections and performances by Rusty Nail and Universal Beat Union. Catch Friday night on April 6th at GA/GI Fest!
Gut Garden, by Trenney