Friday, March 16, 2012

GA/GI Details:Artists Swiech and Kirkwood have the EDGE, Professor Lysak is Most Wanted

Kirlian 3 by Gordon Kirkwood
Anne Chen, one of the principals at EDGE Studio, 5411 Penn Avenue, was immediately enthusiastic about working with both L.J. Swiech and Gordon Kirkwood to exhibit in their space "They're a wonderful, artistic fit for being hosted by our architectural firm."

Kirkwood's work is a series of photographs taken of high voltage lightning bolts interacting with water, and high voltage Kirlian photographs of everyday objects.

L. J. Swiech paints with "robots." He creates high-impact, digital prints that practically smack you in the face, often with stunningly, brilliant color. Also noted for sculptures, Swiech keeps it real, working with a variety of salvaged 2D and 3D objects.

Breaking Ties by Swiech

John Lysak, is an international known master print maker. Since 1995, he has been an Associate Professor and head of the Art Department Graduate Program at Edinboro University. He primarily does work on paper, creating narrative iconography, abstract imagery, using many symbols to suggest a layering of content. Much of his work is created over time with unique impressions, and with his own brand of print making techniques. He and his art collaborators will be hosted by Jason Sauer, owner of  Most Wanted Fine Art, 5015 Penn Avenue.
A relief by Lysak


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