Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Details: Optimus Eco Fuelus-Robotus, Workman Swaggers w/ Zwigel

Optimus Technologies @ 4820 Penn Avenue designs and manufactures fuel system retrofits that enable and optimize the performance of cleaner burning fuels in traditional engines. Their Vector system is a bolt-on, modular diesel-to-biofuel conversion system built for commercial and industrial users. The Vector is capable of operating with a variety of biofuels including vegetable oils and all blends of biodiesel. Their system for renewable fuels also has many advantages over traditional petroleum diesel.  The fuels are produced locally and are renewable and sustainable. Other benefits include: Offering significant operating cost reductions; satisfying impending federal and sate requirements and reducing emissions to meet increasingly stringent air quality requirements.

A bot by Jones
For GA/GI night on April 6th, they'll be hosting artist Donald Jones, whose builds robots and "bit" bots out of salvage materials. for more on Jones, click here.

 Darrell Sarka Workman. (Betcha can't say it fast 3x in a row.) He's the guy whose art brings a whole new meaning to the word "collage." Starting from the canvas bases he embellishes with hundreds of hand cut pieces from very specific newspapers and magazines, Workman's work is inspiring. He goes on to outline and layer the surfaces in bold primary color and black paints creating post modern portraiture, or what he calls "organic/synthetic" collages. He's also showcasing art by friend Autumn Zwigel during his GA/GI Fest exhibition and building an installation out of TV's turned into oscilloscopes. See this amazing display at 5116 Penn Avenue on Friday, April 6th.  DONT MISS THE NEXT GAGI "DETAIL"...SUBSCRIBE!
Confusion by Workman

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