Friday, March 16, 2012

GA/GI Details: Spring Swings @ Tee Rex; Assemble Goes Post-Digital; Irma Freeman Takes a Ryder and Trenney

With digital looking flowers as their event logo, Tee Rex located @ 5440 Penn Avenue is already off to a great GA/GI start with Spring Swing. Their evening line-up includes recycled glass artist, Elizabeth Klevens, E-2 and Franktuary serving up tasking bites, and sales proceeds for the evening going to our old tech buddies, Hack Pittsburgh (who along with Tree Pittsburgh), inspired us to begin this illuminating eco/tech/art event in the first place.

So take advantage of the sale on Cotton Factory's 2011, hand-printed Tees by local designers "irrationally affordable" at only $10. Or or just $5, choose from selected transfers and watch 'em get pressed on T-shirts "right before your eyes." You can let Tee Rex know your coming on FB. Click here

Assemble, located @ 5125 Penn Avenue has one hell of a moniker for their incredible GA/GI exhibit: Post-Digital Explorations: Material Inconsistency--but no worries they go on to explain:
"As both pre-digital modes of architectural thought and the interest in purely form driven digital novelty wane, architecture is moving into a post-digital condition in which it is forced to reconsider aspects of itself that have typically been regarded as constants. One such characteristic is the seemingly indispensable condition of permanence that permeates the discipline from initial concept through to historical preservation. This series of design experiments explores the possibility of an architecture that lacks permanence and stability - constructs that attempt to move beyond typical notions of kineticism and flux, and into a realm that is fleeting and provisional."
Whew! Meet the man, Benjamin Rice, visiting professor from Virginia Tech and see his work during GA/GI on April 6...check out the FB event page by clicking here.

Always willing to go way, way outside the box, The Irma Freeman Center located @ 5006 Penn Avenue boldly goes GA/GI with artist Ryder Henry, model spaceship builder extraordinaire. Not only does he make spaceships you wish you could ride in, but Ryder's even built a city out of cardboard packaging material, elmers glue, sawdust, a little paint, some twigs and the fake greenery. The worlds this guy can create out of almost nothing are amzaing. And, let's not forget "Bionic Beings" wonder woman Suzanne Trenney. Now, top that all off with projections and performances by Rusty Nail and Universal Beat Union. Catch Friday night on April 6th at GA/GI Fest!
Gut Garden, by Trenney